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Theoretical and Experimental Phase Equilibria Study in Ni-Al-Cr-(Ta, Ti) Systems at 900 and 1000stC

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Year of publication 2003
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference CALPHAD XXXII (La Malbaine)
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Faculty of Science

Field Physical chemistry and theoretical chemistry
Keywords CALPHAD; Phase Equilibrium; Modelling; Experiment
Description Quaternary systems of Ni-Al-Cr-X type, where X indicates one of typical alloying elements such as Ta and Ti belong to systems with excellent mechanical properties, namely in the field of high temperature applications, and therefore they play a significant role in the group of new prospective materials. This characteristics results from the coexistence of disordered gamma and ordered gamma' phases and their phase ratio in the material. Therefore, experimental and theoretical study of phase equilibria in such systems is of great importance. The main obstacle in massive use of theoretical phase diagram calculations is generally the lack of thermodynamic data as well as of supporting experimental data. Although Ni-Al-Cr-Ta and Ni-Al-Cr-Ti systems have been recently thermodynamically described, a lack of experimental phase data can be stated for both of them.
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