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The gametophytic expression of the gene for sensor histidine kinase CKI1 is essential for embryo sac formation in Arabidopsis.



Year of publication 2003
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Book of Abstracts, Plant reproduction: from Mendel to molecular biology.
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Faculty of Science

Field Genetics and molecular biology
Keywords female gametophyte development; two-component signaling; sensor histidine kinase; early seed development; genomic imprinting
Description Embryo sac formation represents a fundamental step in plant sexual reproduction. However, the key players driving female gametophyte development remain elusive. We show that mutants in CKI1, a gene coding for a putative receptor histidine kinase, prematurely terminate female gametophyte development after completion of all mitotic divisions. The CKI1 expression pattern indicates that a chain of molecular and sub-cellular events resulting in the phenotype manifestation can be triggered concomitantly with completion of meiotic division yielding a functional megaspore. Furthermore, the expression of paternally transmitted CKI early after fertilization suggests a role for CKI1 in early endosperm development as well as the need to reconsider the concept of genome-wide male imprinting during early seed development. The results provide the first evidence that gametophytic expression of a sensor-like molecule is essential for specific processes during megagametogenesis.
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