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Relevance of immunological variables in neuroborreliosis and multiple sclerosis



Year of publication 2005
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Acta Neurologica Scandinavica
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Faculty of Medicine

Field Neurology, neurosurgery, neurosciences
Keywords MRZ reaction;multiple sclerosis; neuroborreliosis; immunological variables
Description The aims were to investigate the frequency of intrathecal synthesis of specific antibodies against measles (M), rubella(R),and varicella zoster (Z)viruses(MRZ reaction) as a diagnostic marker between multiple sclerosis (MS) and neuroborreliosis (NB)groups and to postulate the most typical cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) variables profile of these entities. Three cohorts of patients were investigated :MS (n=42),NB (n=27) and other neurological diseases (OND) (n=15).Measles, rubella varicella zoster and borrelia specific IgG antibodies were measured by ELISA , Qalb as a marker of blood -CSF barrier function and specific antibody indices (AI) were calculated according to relevant formulae. IgG oligoclonal bands (OB) were detected by isoelectric focusing and immunoenzymatic staining. Results : Eighty- eight percent of MS patients had positive MRZ reaction and 26.2% had positive anti -borrelia AI. Eighty -nine percent of NB patients had positive anti-borrelia AI and two patients had individually anti measles and rubella positive AI. -MS CSF variables profile included the presence of IgG OB in 81% ,elevated Qalb in 31% and normal cell count in 7. 4%. Conclusion -MRZ reaction was proved as statistically significant marker in differential diagnosis between MS and NB. Typical CSF variables profile of these two entities is highly supportive , escpecially when MRZ is included.
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