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Hieracium subgen. Pilosella: Pollen viability in sexual, apomictic and sterile plants.



Year of publication 2006
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference 9th International Hieracium Workshop, Trenta (Julian Alps), Slovenia.
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Faculty of Science

Field Botany
Keywords pollen stainability; Alexanders stain; acetocarmine
Description Pollen stainability of apomictic and sexual taxa and sterile hybrids in Hieracium subgen. Pilosella was tested. Pollen samples were obtained from sexual tetraploid Hieracium bauhini, apomictic pentaploid and hexaploid H. bauhini, sexual tetraploid H. densiflorum, apomictic pentaploid H. pilosellinum, sterile triploid H. pistoriense and sterile pentaploid H. brachiatum. Two different stains were used to compare pollen stainability: acetocarmine and Alexanders stain. The highest pollen stainability and low intrapopulation variability was found in tetraploid sexual Hieracium bauhini and H. densiflorum. Higher inter- and intrapopulation stainability variability was discovered among the apomictic plants. The lowest stainability was found in sterile triploid Hieracium pistoriense and pentaploid H. brachiatum. This result together with the sympatric occurrence of both taxa with possible parental species and their intermediate morphology confirm the hybrid origin of these plants.
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