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Recombination Mediator and Rad51 Targeting Activities of a Human BRCA2 Polypeptide


FILLIPO Joseph CHI Peter KREJČÍ Lumír SUNG Patrick

Year of publication 2006
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source J. Biol. Chem.
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Science

Field Biochemistry
Keywords BRCA2-Rad51 interactions
Description BRCA2 likely exerts its tumor suppressor function by enhancing the efficiency of the homology-directed repair of injured chromosomes. To help define the DNA repair role of BRCA2, we expressed and purified a polypeptide, BRC3/4-DBD, that harbors its BRC3 and BRC4 repeats and DNA binding domain. BRC3/4-DBD interacted with hRad51 and bound DNA with a distinct preference for single-stranded (ss) DNA. Importantly we demonstrated by biochemical means and electron microscopy that BRC3/4-DBD nucleates hRad51 onto ssDNA and acts as a recombination mediator in enabling hRad51 to utilize replication protein A-coated ssDNA as recombination substrate. These functions of BRC3/4-DBD required both the BRC repeats and the BRCA2 DNA binding domain. The results thus clarify the role of BRCA2 in Rad51-dependent DNA recombination and repair, and the experimental strategies described herein should be valuable for systematically deciphering this BRCA2 function.
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