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The impact of cattle pasturage on small annelids (Annelida: Enchytraeidae, Tubificidae, Aeolosomatidae) in grasslands of the White Carpathians (Czech Republic)



Year of publication 2006
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source European Journal of Soil Biology
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Science

Field Ecology
Keywords Enchytraeidae; Tubificidae; Aeolosomatidae; Meadow; Pasture; Grassland
Description Small soil-dwelling annelids (Enchytraeidae, Tubificidae, Aeolosomatidae) were investigated at two sites in the White Carpathians (Czechia), each consisting of one meadow and one cattle pasture. Sampling was conducted on four dates during a 1-year period (2002-2003). Enchytraeid species numbers ranged from 11 to 17, with more species found in the meadows. The most abundant species were Enchytraeus buchholzi s.l., Fridericia isseli, F. semisetosa, F. galba, F. bulboides, F. bisetosa, Cernosvitoviella minor (in the meadows), and Achaeta spp. (in one of the pastures). Henlea spp. preferred the pastures. Rhyacodrilus falciformis was recorded in all plots, Aeolosoma hemprichi and A. cf. niveum in one meadow plot. Enchytraeid densities reached up to 13750 ind./m2, later drought led to a much lower value. Densities were generally higher in meadows than in pastures. The vertical distribution differed between meadows and pastures: higher pecentages of individuals were present in the upper 6 cm of pasture soil.
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