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STRATEGIE UČENÍ CIZÍMU JAZYKU. Výsledky výzkumu používání a efektivity strategií na gymnáziích.

Title in English Foreign Language Learnign Strategies. Results of research into use and effectivness of strategies at upper secondary comprehensive schools in Czech Republic.

VLČKOVÁ Kateřina

Year of publication 2007
Type Monograph
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Education

Description Foreign language learning strategies (FLLS) play a very important role in a process of long life learning of foreign languages. They are very important from the pedagogical point of view because it is possible to influence their usage and realize a FLLS training program. 606 students of 14 comprehensive upper secondary schools (gymnázium) at Brno, Czech Republic were asked about their use of 85 FLLS, before all by means of a questionnaire, a strategy inventory and qualitative methods. The students show extensive reserves in using of the strategies, regarding the variability and the extent of strategies application. They use significantly more direct FLLS (memory, cognitive, compensation strategies) than indirect FLLS (metacognitive, affective, social strategies). The most used groups of strategies were compensation strategies; the least used were memory and affective strategies. The effectiveness of strategies were analyzed in the context of school grade, long-term effectiveness of FLL, development of FL skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) and the knowledge of FL. The effectiveness of many of these strategies was empirically recognized, in some cases depending on the level of the FL communication competence. Nevertheless, many of these effective strategies are not enough used by the students. The most effective group of strategies was cognitive strategies. As a key strategy was identified the practicing, before all in natural settings and with authentic materials. A new three factorial empirical classification of FLL strategies was suggested, it revises the current theory of FLL-strategies classification.
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