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On Decidability of LTL Model Checking for Process Rewrite Systems

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Year of publication 2009
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Acta informatica
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Faculty of Informatics

Field Informatics
Keywords infinite-state systems; linear time logic; decidability; model checking
Description We establish a decidability boundary of the model checking problem for infinite-state systems defined by Process Rewrite Systems (PRS) or weakly extended Process Rewrite Systems (wPRS), and properties described by basic fragments of action-based Linear Temporal Logic (LTL) with both future and past operators. It is known that the problem for general LTL properties is decidable for Petri nets and for pushdown processes, while it is undecidable for PA processes. We show that the problem is decidable for wPRS if we consider properties defined by LTL formulae with only modalities strict eventually, strict always, and their past counterparts. Moreover, we show that the problem remains undecidable for PA processes even with respect to the LTL fragment with the only modality until or the fragment with modalities next and infinitely often.
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