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Gyrodactylus species (Monogenea: Gyrodactylidae) on the cichlid fishes of Senegal, with the description of Gyrodactylus ergensi n. sp from Mango tilapia, Sarotherodon galilaeus L. (Teleostei: Cichlidae)



Year of publication 2009
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Parasitology Research
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Faculty of Science

Field Zoology
Keywords Monogenea; Sarotherodon galilaeus; new species; Gyrodactylus; ITS rDNA
Description The first record of Gyrodactylus species Nordmann 1832 on the cichlid fish from Senegal is reported. Gyrodatylus parasites were found on four host species studied Hemichromis fasciatus; Hemichromis letournaeuxi; Orechromis niloticus and Sarotherodon galilaeus. Gyrodactylus cichlidarum Paperna 1968 were collected from H. fasciatus and its identity was confirmed based on the morphometrical comparison with the holotype specimens of G. cichlidarum. The gyrodactylid specimens on O. niloticus and S. galilaeus were described as Gyrodactylus ergensi n. sp. based on the detailed morphometrical analysis supported by sequencing. The haptoral sclerites of G. ergensi n. sp., which closely resemble those of G. nyanze Paperna 1973; are compared with the type material and discussed. A partial sequence of the internal transcribed spacer (ITS rDNA) was obtained from two specimens of G. ergensi and a close relationship between G. ergensi n. sp. and G. cichlidarum is suggested based on 92 % similarity in ITS r DNA region.
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