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Redescription, systematic status and molecular characterisation of Multicaecum heterotis Petter, Vassiliades et Marchand, 1979 (Nematoda: Heterocheilidae), an intestinal parasite of Heterotis niloticus (Osteichthyes: Arapaimidae) in Africa

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Year of publication 2010
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Folia Parasitologica
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Field Zoology
Keywords Nematoda; Brevimulticaecum; Multicaecum; Senegal; Sudan; Africa; Heterotis; barcoding; 18S rDNA sequences; ITS2 sequences
Description Ascaridoid nematodes referable to Brevimulticaecum heterotis (Petter, Vassiliades et Marchand, 1979) Khalil, 1984 were recorded from the intestine of the African bonytongue, Heterotis niloticus (Cuvier) (Arapaimidae, Osteoglossiformes), from the Mare Simenti in the Niokolo Koba National Park, East Senegal and from Kosti, Sudan. Their examination using light microscopy and for the first time both environmental scanning electron microscopy and scanning electron microscopy revealed some previously unreported morphological features and made possible a detailed redescription of this species. The most important finding is the presence of dentigerous ridges on the inner edges of the lips, which confirms the attribution of this species to Multicaecum Baylis, 1923, where it was originally placed, and not to Brevimulticaecum Mozgovoy in Skryabin, Shikhobalova et Mozgovoy, 1951 where it had subsequently been transferred.
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