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Spectrum Analyzer



Year of publication 2009
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Faculty of Science

Description The basic premise in plasma diagnostics by optical methods is the correct identification of spectral lines and correct determination of intensities. In many cases, the determination of spectral line origin is tedious without the help of sophisticated tools. Moreover, for more complicated quantitative analyses, e.g. for long lasting monitoring of industrial process plasma or for analysis of spectra by means of collisional-radiative modelling, the available programs or spectrometer producer's software are generally insufficient. Therefore, a program, which would satisfy these requirements, was developed and offered to a wide scientific community. Program Spectrum Analyzer makes possible to read spectra from typical file formats, to display spectra with the wider possibility of manipulation and reading, to correct the wavelengths according to the tabulated wavelengths of spectral lines, to correct the intensities for instrument spectral sensitivity and has tools for identification of spectral lines and bands and automatic calculations from the spectra. Furthermore, database with characteristic values of spectral lines and molecular bands was prepared for the use with the program. The data were taken from NIST and Pearse 1950. The developed program was tested e.g. in the diagnostics of barrier discharges etc. The program is used not only in the scientific institutional partner laboratories (e.g. INP and University of Greifswald), but it is also world-widely used as a free-ware (two thousand downloads till 2011).
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