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On the presence of OH defects in the zircon-type phosphate mineral xenotime, (Y,REE)PO4

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TALLA Dominik BERAN Anton ŠKODA Radek LOSOS Zdeněk

Year of publication 2011
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source American Mineralogist
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Science

Field Geology and mineralogy
Keywords xenotime
Description The infrared (IR) spectra of gem-quality xenotime crystals containing considerable amounts of rare earth elements (REEs), are characterized by sharp and strongly pleochroic absorption bands in the 3650-3350 cm-1 region. Xenotime presents the interesting case of a nominally anhydrous mineral, where the OH stretching frequency region of weakly hydrogen-bonded OH groups is overlapped by absorption bands of REEs, especially of dysprosium. The spectra of partially metamict samples are dominated by a broad band centered at around 3450 cm-1. The water content of the unmetamict samples ranges from 5 to 10 wt ppm and for the partially metamict samples from 370 wt ppm to 1.7 wt% H2O.
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