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Infection of Gyrodactylus species on African catfish: an example of morphological and molecular diversity of monogenean parasites over African continent

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Year of publication 2011
Type Conference abstract
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Description The infections of Gyrodactylus Nordmann, 1832 species on the catfish of the families Clariidae and Mochokidae over African continent were observed, when materials from Sudan, Senegal, Kenya and Mozambique were studied. Haptoral sclerites morphometry and sequencing of the nuclear ribosonal DNA revealed the presence of eight Gyrodactylus species. On Senegelase Synodontis nigrita, Gyrodactylus synodonti n. sp. and Gyrodactylus nigriti n. sp. were described. This finding represents the first records of the gyrodactylids for the fish of the family Mochokidae. From the fins of Clarias gariepinus collected in Mozambique Gyrodactylus alekosi n. sp. and Gyrodactylus rysavyi Ergens, 1973 were identified. Such record represents the first finding of any fish parasites in Mozambique. Gyrodactylus rysavyi was also identified from Kenyan C. gariepinus and Senegalese Clarias anguillaris. From the fins of C. anguillaris studied in Senegal, two more species, Gyrodactylus transvaalensis Prudhoe et Hussey 1977 and Gyrodactylus gelnari n. sp., were recognised. In addition, Gyrodactylus turkanaensis n. sp. from the gills of Kenyan C. gariepinus was recovered and Gyrodactylus sp. from Sudanese C. gariepinus was recorded
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