We are dedicated to fighting cyber threat

Cyber security research conducted at the Institute of Computer Science focuses on critical issues addressed by both the Sustainable Development Strategy of the Czech Republic and the European Secure Societies challenge.

We have been investigating information infrastructure failure for nearly a decade

Cyber threats pose a serious challenge, one we must face on a daily basis. As information infrastructure systems are increasingly dependent on IT, the risks associated with information infrastructure failure also keep growing.

Thanks to several interdisciplinary collaborations, the Institute of Computer Science (ICS) has been involved in cyber threat research since 2007. The institute is home to several key projects and research infrastructures including CERIT-SC, CSIRT-MU and KYPO, a facility focusing on the research, development and creation of a unique environment for the analysis of critical information infrastructure security threats.

We develop tools for the army and police

The first technical cyber exercise in the Czech Republic took place thanks to the KYPO Cyber Exercise & Research Platform. KYPO is followed by the Simulation, Detection and Suppression of Cyber Threats to Critical Infrastructure project.

Dedicated mobile devices with Computer Incident Response Capability (CIRC) have been created specifically for the Czech Army. We also develop tools for sharing cyber security intelligence between security teams throughout the Czech Republic.

We currently focus on critical infrastructures

The ICS has been committed to computer security for many years, frequently working with experts from the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Informatics. The institute constitutes a key partner for several national agencies including the National Security Authority, Police of the Czech Republic and Army of the Czech Republic.

In recent years, research and development in the traditional cyber security area has expanded to include critical infrastructures protection. The efficient processing, disclosure and security of medical information constitutes yet another key area of interest.

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