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The external representation of the academic traditions at Masaryk University, is introduced by academic ceremonies among which are matriculation and graduation ceremony.

Matriculation is a ceremonial act, which represents the admission of a student to the university academic community. Part of the matriculation ceremony, is the student’s matriculation pledge, the content of which is mentioned in the faculties‘ statutes.

Graduation ceremony is a ceremonial act, during which the graduates of study programmes are awarded a university diploma including their achieved academic title and a diploma supplement. Part of the ceremonial act is the graduate’s pledge, the content of which is also mentioned in the faculties‘ statutes.

Matriculation and graduation ceremony for graduates of bachelor study programmes take place with the present of the faculty dean, the vice-deans, the bedel, and the promoter. Graduation ceremony for graduates of master’s and doctoral study programmes take place with the present of the rector or some of the vice-rectors on his behalf, the dean, the promoter and the competent bedels. During academic ceremonies, academic officials are dressed with gowns and insignia. Students are dressed with formal dresses, only the graduates of master’s and doctoral study programmes who passed the state rigorous exam wear black gowns.

The ceremonies take place mostly at the MU Aula (at the Faculty of Law).

MU ceremonies schedule for the year 2022

The ceremonies shall be held only in favorable epidemiological situation, in accordance with the effective government resolution and the university traffic-light system. For exact information please contact your faculty office for studies.


Date Faculty Place
6. 5. Law MU Aula
12. 9. FEA in the faculty premises
16. 9. FSpS MU Aula
22. 9. Law MU Aula
7. 10. Pharm MU Aula
12. 10. Med UKB Aula
17. 10. Arts MU Aula
18. 10. Sci MU Aula
20. 10. FI MU Aula
9. 11. Edu MU Aula
25. 11. FSS FSS Aula


Date Faculty Place
14.–15. 3. FEA MU Aula
16. 3. Edu MU Aula
17.–18. 3. Arts MU Aula
21. 3. FSpS MU Aula
22. 3. Sci MU Aula
28. 3. Law MU Aula
29., 31. 3. FI MU Aula
31. 3.–1. 4. FSS FSS Aula
24. 6. Pharm MU Aula
27. 6.–1. 7. Med MU Aula
11.–13. 7. Law MU Aula
14., 15. 7. FSpS (NMgr., Bc.) Ball sports hall, UKB
15. 7. FI (NMgr.) MU Aula
18.–19. 7. Sci MU Aula
20.–22. 7. Edu MU Aula
23., 25.–26. 7. Arts MU Aula
27.–29. 7. FEA MU Aula
8.–9. 9. FSS FSS Aula
3. 10. FEA (MFTAP) Nová radnice (New Town Hall)
Dominikánské nám. 1, Brno
6. 10. FI (Bc.) MU Aula
10.–12. 10. Sci MU Aula
21. 10. Med MU Aula
24. 10. Law MU Aula
3.–4. 11. Arts MU Aula

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