Monitoring and evaluation of academic quality

Improving the quality of educational and research activities is one of the strategic priorities of Masaryk University, which is the reason why it closely monitors and evaluates both the internal and external aspects of them. The methodological management of the mechanisms for monitoring and ensuring quality is the responsibility of the Quality Office, Strategy Office and the Research & Development Office.

Internal evaluation

Evaluation of study fields at MU

With the purpose of achieving excellence in both position and competitiveness of education gained at Masaryk University (MU), the University has been performing an internal evaluation of its fields of study since 2008. The very process of internal evaluation of the study fields is continually developed as one of the means of supporting the development of quality assurance mechanisms at MU.

The individual stages of the evaluation process are set in such a way that they are considered to be essential aspects of the evaluated field of study from different angles. At the field level, the assessment is carried out by the guarantor of the field and his/her assessment team in the form of standardized self-assessment reports, which cover all relevant areas for the evaluation of educational activities in the given field (basic information about the field, students, personal safety, external relations and the final summary in the form of a SWOT analysis). Another integral part of the internal evaluation of the study field is an assessment of the particular field by external evaluators, among whom are representatives from the student or graduate body of that field, employers and external academic staff (for example from foreign universities), and sometimes, Masaryk University academics from related fields. The results of the comprehensive evaluation are then discussed by the Board for Degree Programmes (RSP) of the faculty, which makes recommendations for possible changes and further development of the field. These recommendations are then discussed and, if necessary, revised at the final evaluation meeting of the field with the participation of the field guarantor, members of the evaluation team, external evaluators and representatives of the RSP. The extent to which the recommendations were fulfilled and with what effect is then examined in the next round of the evaluation process.

The outcomes of the process of internal evaluation of the study programmes are also discussed at the university level. To this end, a Board for the Evaluation of Educational Activities (RHVČ) has been established, composed of representatives of RSP from each faculty, who can share their experiences and spread initiative from this area of the management of the university.

The methodological support for the internal evaluation process of the fields of study at MU is provided by Quality Office.

Evaluation of research

Masaryk University is preparing a policy of internal evaluation of research activities that will reflect the current practice of individual faculties, experience from other universities (both domestic and foreign) and will build on the policy of the Czech Republic, which is also being prepared, in regard to this issue.

Academic results are annually evaluated at a national level by the Government Council for Research, Development and Innovation on the basis of the information provided in the Information Register of R&D Results (RIV). Authors are trained regarding the issue of reporting scientific results in RIV by specialised coordinators at individual faculties.

The methodology of this procedure at MU is run by Mgr. Michal Petr, manager for the evaluation of research under the auspices of the Research & Development Office.

Surveys and Course Opinion Polls

An essential component of the monitoring of quality is an evaluation of their studies by students and university alumni. Masaryk University periodically carries out questionnaires aimed at several target groups:

This area is under the auspices of the Strategy Office

External evaluation

Institutional Evaluation Programme

Masaryk University has actively begun to gather feedback on its activities and processes according to the Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP), which is offered to higher educational institutions by the European University Association (EUA). The process of evaluation was launched in October 2011, through starting to work on self-evaluation reports. Subsequently, in 2012, two evaluation visits from the international team at MU were organised, in which the evaluation team was involved in active discussion with faculty representatives, the rector’s office, some of the MU management and with external partners. The evaluation process was completed in July 2012, when MU received a final evaluation report. It contains a critical description of some priorities, potential for improvement and especially recommendations for Masaryk University as to where and how to direct the development of a variety of activities.

The process of evaluation was coordinated by the Strategy Office, and the contact person for further information is Ing. Šárka Řehořová.

ECTS Label

The ECTS Label is a certificate issued by the European Commission as proof of the university’s high standards of excellence. The label is also a confirmation of the fact that the ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) is properly implemented in all Bachelor’s and Master’s studies. The label constitutes a guarantee of high standards in the areas of international mobility, degree programmes on offer and access to information relevant to these areas in a foreign language. Masaryk University has held the ECTS Label since 2010.

DS Label

The Diploma Supplement Label certificate is awarded by the European Commission for the proper issuance of a diploma supplement, free of charge, to all graduates of Bachelor’s and Master’s studies in a language widely spoken within the European Union. Masaryk University has published both a Czech and English diploma supplement, which fully corresponds to the European model developed by the European Commission, Council of Europe and UNESCO/CEEPES, since 2005. Masaryk University was awarded the Diploma Supplement Label in 2009.

EAIE Award

Each year, the European Association for International Education (EAIE) presents awards to individuals and since 2012 also to institutions for an innovative approach to the development of international cooperation and active engagement in the internationalization of higher education. It is great success, therefore, that this first-ever award for the institution was awarded to Masaryk University.

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