Business Management

Bachelor's degree in full-time form. The language of instruction is Czech.

The programme can be studied only as a single subject.

What will you learn?

The aim of this program is understanding the purpose and functioning of the business sphere, especially an enterprise, its organizational structure, management, economy and financing. An important area of study is mastering basic managerial activities, including planning, organizing control and leadership, and marketing skills, including mastering tools such as promotion, market analysis and market segmentation. Part of the study is also the understanding of organizational and legal procedures in establishing, distributing or merging companies and other institutions. Students will also acquire skills in the field of accounting and financial management of the enterprise.

Practical training

Studies do not require the obligatory practice of students in enterprises and leave this area at the initiative of the students. Institutionally supported are foreign internships within the Erasmus / Erasmus+ program.

Further information

Career opportunities

Graduates have the managerial skills and knowledge including effective time use, successful bargaining with business partners, creating public image, effective leadership, effective motivation of colleagues, the art of dealing with people and developing general communication skills, that enables them to occupy lower and middle management positions.

Thanks to the general focus of studied courses, the graduates have opened possibilities to realize themselves not only in commercial enterprises but also in public sector organizations. A finished bachelor's degree gives graduates a solid general basis in the field of economic sciences, which enables them further specialization either in the next (follow-up) master's degree or in practice.

Demand for graduates with a wide range of managerial and economic skills is nowadays highly relevant in the view of the rapidly changing business conditions and growing competition. This requires managers and professionals with a broad insight and ability to apply expertise to everyday practice, or an ability to support other people with the same. In the perspective of the increasing diversity of enterprises and organizations, the universality of graduates of the bachelor's degree is an important competitive advantage that graduates can further develop through practice or study.

Admission requirements

Data from the previous admission procedure (1 Nov 2023 – 29 Feb 2024)

You can find detailed information about the admission procedure at ECON.MUNI. Contact information: - questions concerning the Learning Potential Test: - questions concerning the electronic application form issues: - questions concerning the payment for the electronically submitted application form: - questions concerning of various fields of study, study purport and organization:

Criteria for evaluation

For more information visit ECON.MUNIMUNI.CZ.

Recommended literature

Please see ECON.MUNI for examples of Learning Potential Test (TSP) from previous years and field tests.

Minimum score and numbers of accepted applicants in past years

Study options

Single-subject studies

Students have a pre-defined list of required courses, which are supplemented with selective and elective courses. The student pays full attention to the single field of study chosen.

Follow-up studies

The direct course of study is provided by the follow-up Master's degree in Business Economics and Management, which is offered at ESF MU both in full-time and combined form of study.

Study information

Provided by Faculty of Economics and Administration
Type of studies Bachelor's
Mode full-time Yes
combined No
distance No
Study options single-subject studies Yes
single-subject studies with specialization No
major/minor studies No
Standard length of studies 3 years
Language of instruction Czech

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