On 21 February, MU traffic-light system to turn green

Considering the current epidemiological situation, the MU Crisis Board has decided to move to the green level of the traffic-light system. New measures will go into effect on Monday, 21 February.

17 Feb 2022

As of Monday, 21 February, MU will move to a lower risk level, the green level. In the coming days, operations and classes at Masaryk University will be conducted and held in keeping with green-level measures and current government regulations. MU buildings will remain open for students, employees, and the public. However, respirators must be worn at all times.

Most classes will continue to be taught in person. Lectures attended by more than 150 people will be held in hybrid form. It is recommended that students stay in homogenous groups, that is, that students from different programmes, departments, courses, and so forth do not mix. Current limits on the number of people that can be present in one room at a time must be respected, including during exams. In-person exams are permitted, people must wear a respirator.

Life-long learning courses are held in keeping with the government measures currently in effect; attendees must wear respirators.

It is mandatory to wear respirators in the common areas of the dormitories.

Libraries, gyms, computer labs, study rooms and community rooms may open in keeping with the government measures currently in effect.

It is recommended that employees at high risk of severe disease work from home. If a large number of people work in one office, they should work in shifts. Mandatory blanket testing of MU employees will end on Friday, 18 February.

Students and employees will still be obliged to promptly report a positive SARS-CoV-2 test.

For up-to-date information about restrictions and regulations at each faculty, the MU Crisis Board recommends following each faculty’s website and social media accounts.

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