On 22 November, MU to move to yellow on the traffic-light system

Due to the worsening pandemic, the MU Crisis Committee has recommended the implementation of measures corresponding with those of the yellow level of the traffic-light system. They will go into effect on Monday, 22 November.

11 Nov 2021

Masaryk University has decided to announce the planned regulations now, well ahead of time, so that MU students and employees can get ready for the changes in advance.

Operations and teaching at Masaryk University will be governed not only by yellow-level measures, but also by the government regulations currently in force. Public access to MU buildings will be restricted with few exceptions.

Respirators must continue to be worn in all MU buildings in keeping with the government measures currently in effect.

Classes will be taught in keeping with the regulations in place. Lectures attended by more than 150 people will be held online or in hybrid form. The dean of each faculty can decide whether students are required to follow the O-N-T (vaccinated, recovered, tested) rule, that is, to provide evidence that they have been vaccinated, recovered from COVID-19, or tested. O-N-T status information can be found in IS. Where this obligation is not required, it is necessary to ensure that students keep at least 1.5 m apart from each other during lessons, unless the nature of the class does not allow it. Students who do not follow the O-N-T rule must be allowed to pursue their education online.

In-person exams (and other forms of completing courses) can be held when those present keep at least 1.5 metres from each other.

Libraries will be closed to the public. MU recommends implementing the e-loan system; the in-person pick-up or drop-off of materials is possible based on each faculty’s decision, assuming current legislation is respected.

Visitors of computer labs must comply with the O-N-T (vaccinated, recovered, tested) rule, visitors of indoor and outdoor sporting facilities must comply with the O-N (vaccinated, recovered) rule. These facilities, as well as dining halls and dormitories, will be open in keeping with current legislation.

The university will cancel all events not related to MU’s main activities, such as celebrations and ceremonies. Events related to MU’s main activities – conferences, seminars, symposia – can be held, but attendance is limited, and participants must comply with the O-N rule described for the yellow level of the traffic-light system. Graduation and matriculation ceremonies are not recommended either, except for those already planned for newly named assistant professors, assuming that all current measures are respected.

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