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Výzkum využití multimediálnich technologií v hudební výchově (Hudmédia)

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1/2010 - 12/2010
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Masaryk University
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Faculty of Education

Multimedia applications offer a range of options for their use
in the process of music education. This research aims to map, evaluate and suggest their use in this process.
The project deals with above mentioned at the elementary schools in the Czech Republic.
In the coming years, we plan to continue in the project at the secondary schools and universities. Research will
work in the first phase in the basic questionnaire plane and in a second phase
in the contact plane of the field research using the required technical


The results of the project demonstrated that music education on the second stage of elementary education in the Czech Republic in 2010 fully resigns from its objectives proclaimed in the binding documents such as the Framework Education Programmes for the spheres of Arts and culture or School Education Programmes, that it nearly gave up the receptive education, and that the means to reach the goal replaced the goal. All activities in music education, that is singing, music theory, playing musical instruments, musical movement etc. shall be understood as a way to reach the goal, i.e. to educate a person with basic ‘music literacy’, which is a starting point and part of his/her positive relation to music as a kind of art, to cultivate his/her taste and to provide him/her with the ability to get oriented in the wide spectrum of music styles and genres of the present as well as the past. However, music education has not been able to succeed in this for a long time, and, if the outcomes of the research are taken into account, it is impossible for it to succeed. After twenty years time, the Kasanov’s conclusion of his research from 1990, which spoke of constantly diminishing effect of music education, which he drew from studying of musicality, music interests and preferences of the ones that underwent the general music education and, based on the results, he deduced conclusions in relation to music education, while the presented research 2010 viewed this problem in the eye of pupils and teachers by the detailed mapping of all relevant aspects of life music educational process at primary schools in the Czech Republic in 2010.


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