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Europen Regional Parties and Party Systems

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1/2002 - 12/2004
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Social Studies

The scope of the project is to realize a comparative research into relevant regional (non-state-wide) parties operating in contemporary European party systems, especially in Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Belgium, the Russian Federation, Romania, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. Major attention would be paid to analysis of position and role of individual regional parties within respective party arrangements with a special respect to genesis and asserting of regional parties governmental and/or coalitional potential and to their contribution to the development of democratic governability at the State-wide, regional and local levels of political system. In this context, the programmatic identity as well as the sources of political legitimation and electoral mobilisation used by regional parties will be assessed. It is quite important to identify factors and patterns of interactions conditioning and promoting eventually a positive contribution of regional parties to democratic mul


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