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Application of surface discharge at atmospheric pressure for the modification of the surfaces and deposition of polymer protective coatings

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9/2002 - 8/2005
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Science

Polymers have generally very low surface energy. This is the reason of necessity to modify the surface of polymers. From the point of view of the applications is very useful to use dielectric barrier discharges (DBD). The aim of the recent project is plasma treatment of the polymer surfaces and the deposition of thin protective thin films at atmospheric pressure. The surface properties of the activated and inactivated polymers will be studied by means of the chemical analysis of the surface (ESR, XPS and IR) and by means of the contact angle measurement. The discharge parameters will be studied by means of the emission spectroscopy and the electrical properties of the plasma will be investigated by means of the current and voltage measurements. The ageing effect of the activated surfaces will be also studied. The mechanical properties of deposited polymer thin films will be determined by means of the indentation methods and the optical properties by means of the elipsometric measurements (SE) and b


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