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Project information
Quantitative analysis of effect of tubular system on electrical activity of cardiac cells

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9/2002 - 8/2004
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Medicine

The project is a contribution to the solution of one of the major problems of cellular biophysics of electrical phenomena in cardiac cells. As follows from recent experimental work in cardiac ventricular cells, ionic channels are distributed differently between the fine transverse-axial tubular system (TAT-system) and the peripheral membrane. In addition, the accumulation and/or depletion of ions in the TAT- system (during trains of excitations) may significantly affect the excitation-contraction coupling in mammalian ventricular cells. However, quantitative models used for simulation of action potentials in cardiac cells so far did not include a description of electrical activity of the tubular membrane. The aim of this project is to supplement the present conception of quantitative models of ventricular action potentials with a quantitative description of electrical activity of tubular membrane. The design of TAT-system models includes systems of partial differential equations and simplified m


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