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Stipitate fungi of the order Thelephorales in the Czecho-Slovak region

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9/2002 - 8/2005
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Science

In the scope of this project, the knowledge of the taxonomy, ecology, phenology, and chorology of the stipitate fungi of the order Thelephorales in the Czech Republic and Slovakia will be summarized. This project follows the previous study of the hydnaceous fungi (published in 1999). More genera (thelephora, Boletopsis) and new available information about all genera will be incorporated in this study. Occurrence trend of the threatened mycorrhizal fungi will be evaluated; since the end of 60´s, a strong decline has been recorded, but there are some interesting finds during the last few years. This study should confirm or disconfirm the above mentioned decline according to the recent records. Comparison of the occurrence trend of the mycorrhizal and the saprotrophic fungi and its possible interpretation according to the environmental conditions will be the further part. Taxonomic and systematic problematic of the above mentioned group, based on the study of macro- and microscopic characters, wi


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