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Výzkum využití multimediálnich technologií v hudební výchově na SŠ (hudmedia)

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1/2011 - 12/2011
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Masaryk University
MU Faculty or unit
Faculty of Education
School, multimedia, music education, teaching

The multimedia applications offer a wide range of options for their use in
the process of music education. The research aims to map, evaluate and
propose their use in this process. The project deals with this kind of
research into the setting of secondary schools in Czech Republic and is a follow-up to a last year's project, which has mapped the situation in
primary schools. Research will initially operate in the basic questionnaire
plane, in a second phase in the contact plane of field research using the
necessary technical equipment.


Music education in the processes of globalization and the increasing intensity of the mass media is faced with the need to continuously find new ways to equip a young man for his entire life in terms of knowledge and skills with basic music literacy and at the same time with receptive competence for his further taste and value orientation in a number of musical information items, that he meets. One of these new ways is undoubtedly the whole area of multimedia technologies and their applications in the process of music education, so the main aim of the research was to map and evaluate the utilization rate of such media in music education at secondary schools from the perspective of students and teachers.
The research results present a multimedia technical background of secondary schools from many points of view, its usage by music teachers and their students, musical analysis and evaluation PC software for suitability of its application in this school subject, including methodological tips and suggestions for its appropriate application in music educational practice. Implicitly, there are also captured some moments of musical preferences of youth and issues of the actual musical educational process at schools, as well as in the conclusions there could not be completely ignored some crucial aspects of social functions transformations of music in the contemporary world. Via the method of the questionnaire, there were asked 97 teacher respondents and 1189 student respondents from totally 363 state and church secondary schools of the Czech Republic.


Total number of publications: 19

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