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Physical and chemical properties of advanced materials and structures

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1/2005 - 12/2011
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Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the CR
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Faculty of Science
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Central European Institute of Technology
not available at the moment

The subject of the present research plan consists in the study of selected classes of materials and phenomena specified in the following list: (1) self-organized nanostructures, superlattices, quantum wells, wires, and dots, (2) high-temperature superconductors, superconductor / magnetic superlattices, (3) selected bulk materials of technological importance and impurities, (4) polymers with silicon backbone, (5) thermodynamical properties, phase transformations, diffusion and ordering in advanced intermetallic compounds and thin films, (6) preparation of oxide and hybrid materials by non-conventional procedures and studies of the process mechanisms. The plan integrates the fields of study of several physics and chemistry groups of the Faculty of Science. It is related to the running plan MSM 143100002 entitled "Physical properties of advanced materials and layered structures" and assumes a significant expansion of its tasks. Joining several related advanced research directions is in line with the planned advancement of the Faculty and University towards prominent research institutions. Focused and interconnected efforts utilizing different available resources of the Faculty of Science are considered to be a major step towards their optimal exploitation.


Total number of publications: 482

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