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Study of kinetic processes in nitrogen post-discharge with respect to their use in chemical analysis

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1/2005 - 12/2007
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Science
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Brno University of Technology

The proposed project follows the successfully finished project GA CR 202/98/P258 and it is focused on the study of kinetic processes taking place during the post-discharge. Pure nitrogenand its mixtures with argon and oxygen will be used as buffer gases, the traces of various organic and inorganic species will be added using various techniques including direct gas mixing, laser ablation technique and the auxiliary discharge, too. DC, RF, microwave and corona discharges and some of their combinations will be used as plasma sources at pressures between 1 kPa and atmosphere. The discharges and post-discharges will be observed by optical emission spectroscopy and in-situ ESR spectroscopy. Samples of the gas from the discharge tube will be taken using theliqu id nitrogen trap technique and the stable products will be analysed by GC and UV-VIS spectroscopy.


Total number of publications: 25

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