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Český konstitucionalimus (CZE-CON): Odkud jdeme a kam kráčíme (CZE-CON)

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5/2014 - 4/2015
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Faculty of Law
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The project “Czech Constitutionalism (CZE-CON): From Historical Legacies to Contemporary Debates” includes an interactive website “Atlas of the Czech Constitutionalism” (hereinafter also “ATLAS”), available at, that is supposed to stimulate a systematic research of the Czech and Czechoslovak constitutional texts by Czech as well as foreign scholars. ATLAS consists of original (Czech) and English texts of all Czechoslovak and Czech constitutional acts since 1918 until today. ATLAS allows both the full text search as well as search by subject areas. In addition, ATLAS provides comments (both in Czech and English) on all five Czechoslovak and Czech constitutions (including the 1918 Provisional Constitution) and over twenty key constitutional amendments by prominent Czech constitutional law scholars and a comprehensive bibliography on each constitutional text. These comments and accompanying bibliographies put the changes of the Czechoslovak and Czech constitutional order into context and allow for a richer understanding of the Czech constitutionalism that goes beyond the mere textual interpretation.