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Identification of molecular components and the mechanism of polar targeting of PIN auxin transport proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana

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1/2007 - 12/2011
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Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
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Central European Institute of Technology
auxin transport, polar targeting, PIN proteins, forward genetics, map-based cloning, Arabidopsis thaliana

The directional transport of the plant signalling molecule auxin is a unique process mediating a wide variety of developmental roles including organogenesis, patterning and tropisms. Direction of intercellular auxin flow is determined by a dynamic polar localisation of auxin efflux catalysts - Arabidopsis thaliana PIN proteins. Hence decision about PIN polar targeting is crucial for mediating diverse developmental responses. We intend to elucidate mechanism of polar targeting in plants by identifying molecular components of PIN polar localisation by molecular genetic approaches. Two mutant screens will be performed: (i) screen for suppressors of 35S::PIN1 dominant overexpression phenotype and (ii) for mutants with defected polar exocytosis of PIN1:GFP protein. Map-based cloning of these mutants will reveal additional molecular components of asymmetric auxin distribution and novel components of cell polarity and protein targeting in plants.


Total number of publications: 13

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