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Preparation and study on properties of a new inorganic luminophores containing copper (I)

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1/2008 - 12/2010
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Science
luminescence spectroscopy, coordination polymers, luminescence thermochromism

The objective of the proposal project will be preparation and characterization of new coordination polymers containing copper(I). The Cu(I) polymers will be synthesized by different reactions (thermal decomposition, hydrothermal reaction, etc.). Preliminary experiments have shown that several polymers with structure Cu(I)XL (where X is Cl, Br or I, L is derivative of pyrazine, pyridine or other donor atom containing cyclic ligand) have very interesting photoluminescent properties which are dependent on structure and stoichiometry of the complexes. Luminescence properties of the selected polymers can be alternate by structural changes or by different temperature (luminescence thermochromismus). Spectral properties of the newly prepared compounds will be studied by spectrophotometry, luminescence spectroscopy and time resolved luminescence spectroscopy. Structural characterization will be provided by X-ray diffraction, matrix assisted laser desorption/ionization time of flight mass spectrometry and by other techniques.


Total number of publications: 5

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