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Critical edition of the socalled Book of Rosemberg (Rožmberská kniha)

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1/2009 - 12/2011
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Law
Book of Rosemberg, bohemian provincial law, medieval books of law

The aim of this project is to make the modern critical edition one of the most famous sources of the Bohemian Provincila Law - the so colled Book of Rosemberg (Rožmberská kniha). By the edition works will be compiled and reflected all textual versions of this source including the application of the analytic-comparative methods of all relevant auxiliary historical sciences (above all codicology and paleography) at the same time. The compilation of the critical edition will set up good preconditions for a new interpretation of the so called Book of Rosemberg from historical, legal-historical and linguistic (bohemistic) point of view as well. Thus will be fulfil an old desideratum of our practise of edition at least, which avoiod publishing medieval legal monuments traditionally.


Total number of publications: 8