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Energetický sektor České republiky

Title in English Energy Sector of the Czech Republic


Year of publication 2012
Type Monograph
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Faculty of Social Studies

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Description This book addresses various aspects of the energy sector of the Czech Republic. There is hardly a more turbulent and more sensitive sector of the economy of the Czech Republic than the energy sector. As a result, its future has been carefully monitored by not only the political and economic elite of the country, but also by the general public. The book Energy Sector of the Czech Republic is divided into ten chapters analyzing thoroughly particular sectors, such as oil, naural gas, uranium and nuclear energy etc. The books also contains chapters on key actors of Czech energy policy, legislative and regulatory framework, political parties, as well as foreign policy issues. The book is recommended to scholars and researchers, as well as experts in the competent fields of study, but will also serve as a guide for those outside of academia who work with the topic daily, such as in public administration. Finally, the general reader can make great use of this book to get a thorough yet accessible impression of the Czech energy sector.
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