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Molecular characterization of brewing and wine yeast strains in the Czech Republic



Year of publication 2013
Type Conference abstract
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Faculty of Science

Description The hybrid origin of lager yeasts causes problems in determination of the technologically diverse species S. pastorianus and S. cerevisiae. Wine and brewing yeast S. cerevisiae could be differentiated on the DNA level. In our study we chose FLO and HIS4 gene, the regions ITS, RRL2 and YBR033w and mtDNA as target sequences. A group of 28 brewing, wine and type yeast strains was analyzed by PCR and RFLP techniques. Detection of flocculation genes did not document any species-specific representation in any of the strain under study. Gene LgFLO, considered as typical for lager yeast, was detected also in ale yeast. Other analyses led to an identical species classification only in 7 yeast strains. Using digestion of the ITS region, 26 strains, including all of lager yeast were identified as S. cerevisiae; this region is thus unsuitable for identification of industrial yeast strains. Identification of ale and lager yeast should partially reflect the maximum temperature of growth. However, growth at different temperatures did not allow for reliable differentiation. Digestion of mtDNA with 4 different enzymes resulted in 9-12 restriction pattern. Identical pattern have 4 of 9 ale with lager stran; wine yeast exhibitd different restriction pattern from brewing and type strains. This project was supported by MEYS, MŠMT in Czech (FRVŠ 424/2013).
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