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Vybrané kapitoly z ekologie a environmentální vědy

Title in English Selected Chapters of Ecology and Environmental Sciences

AČ Alexander MILÉŘ Tomáš RYCHNOVSKÝ Boris

Year of publication 2013
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Education

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Description The textbook "Chapters of Ecology and Environmental Sciences" was written for the purpose of teaching at the Faculty of Education MU. The text summarizes the basic ecological concepts, it deals with population dynamics and population growth, stability of ecosystems and biogeochemical processes. The issues of energy flows in nature and energy resources used by society are discussed as well. The key topics are "global change", the concept of "planetary boundaries" and the study The Limits to Growth. The valid legislation of nature conservation is summarized, too. The authors strived for the latest information referring to a large number of original scientific papers. A detailed alphabetical index should help the reader with learning and working with the text.
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