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Validace ošetřovatelských intervencí (NIC) v chirurgické ošetřovatelské péči na našem území

Title in English Validation nursing interventions (NIC) in surgical nursing practice in our country


Year of publication 2014
Type Conference abstract
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Faculty of Medicine

Description Introduction: While working, nurses face the necessity to develop a nursing clinical judgement. A right consideration based on accessible information becomes a key guideline for the range and the content of the nursing care provided. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare and develop tools which can make this task easier for nurses. The application of classification systems in nursing seems to be a suitable alternative. The taxonomy of NANDA – International, NIC, NOC – is the most suitable from the point of view of complex usage. These systems are developed outside the Czech Republic, and, therefore, it is necessary to test their usability in our country. Aim: The goal was to use the ICV test (a modification of Fehring`s DCV model) to adapt the NIC interventions chosen in the first phase of the study as interventions used in the general surgical nursing care in our country. Methods: Quantitative research methods were used. Questionnaire was developed containing the names of definitions and nursing activities of 36 NIC interventions chosen after the phase 1. The questionnaire was developed for nurses employed in general surgery and meeting the expert requirements according to Zeleníková et al. (2010, p. 409). The task of the respondents was to give their opinions on the appropriateness of the name and definition and importance of fulfilling the activities of nursing care for a particular intervention. The evaluation was performed at the Likert scale of 1-5, where 1 meant “unimportant” and 5 “extremely important”. On the basis of the activities achieved, the weighted score for each of the activities and also the mean weighted score for each of the interventions were expressed. Results: 895 nursing activities were evaluated using the opinions of 26 experts (employed by the Surgical Department, University Hospital, Brno) and by means of the ICV test (a modification of Fehring´s DCV test). Out of this number, 372 (41.6%) activities achieved the weighted score of 0.8, which can be considered as “very important” for fulfilling a particular NIC intervention studied. The most (452; 50.5%) activities achieved the weighted score in the range between 0.79 and 0.50. These activities rank among the less important (complementary). Only 71 (7.9%) achieved the weighted score of <0.5 and became atypical for fulfilling particular interventions in surgical non-intensive care in our country. Twelve interventions achieved the mean valued score of 0.8. None of the interventions achieved the valued score of <0.500. Conclusion: The result of this thesis are the sources for creating an electronic documentation which tested within a pilot testing of an electronic documentation at the Surgical Clinic, University Hospital, Brno. Furthermore, the documentation modified in accordance with the nurses` requirements and the results of the pilot study. In future, an extensive data base of hospitalized patients could be created by means of electronic documentation.
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