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Next-generation sequencing and genome characterization of red clover and its wild relative zig-zag clover

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Year of publication 2014
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference International Conference on ENHANCED GENEPOOL UTILIZATION - Capturing wild relative and landrace diversity for crop improvement, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 16-20 June 2014. Book of Abstracts.
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Field Genetics and molecular biology
Keywords Trifolium pratense; Trifolium medium; de novo sequencing; SNP; SSR
Description The genus Trifolium is classified taxonomically into the agronomically outstanding Fabaceae family. It comprises species known as clovers, both wild and cultivated. Recently, interspecific hybridization of tetraploid red clover with related wild octoploid zig-zag clover (T. medium) has been used for the introgression of useful traits into red clover. De novo assembly of the T. pratense genome after Illumina sequencing was achieved. The current assembly comprises ~314.6 Mbp of draft nucleotide sequence. Overall, 47398 protein coding genes were annotated from 64761 predicted genes. Resistance genes, genes for leghemoglobins and nodule-specific cystein-rich peptides were identified. Sequencing data of T. medium were obtained with average genome coverage 20.7x (x = 3.5 Gbp). Species-specific SNP calling for coding sequences was performed and over 924837 SNPs between parental genotypes used for hybridization were discovered. Species-specific DNA markers for T. pratense (23299) and T. medium (1177) was gained. Detailed SSR catalogue is available for coding sequences and exons.
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