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EduCoM 1.0. Mobilní aplikace pro sběr dat o výukové komunikaci

Title in English EduCoM 1.0. Mobile app for data collection in the field of classroom discourse


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Description Educational Communication Measuring (EduCoM) is a mobile app for the Android platform for data collection about classroom discourse in the classroom. The purpose of the application is to efficiently collect data about classroom discourse for further quantitative analysis. Applications of real-time data of qualitative nature (e.g. quality of utterances) and quantitative nature (e.g. teacher and pupil speaking time) are recorded over the touch interface. The observer or observers present in the class record the above data in the application and the output is a CSV data file with all observed parameters. The application was created on the basis of previous research of classroom discourse (Šeďová, Švaříček, Sedláček, Šalamounová, 2016) and the basis of the theory of dialogical teaching (Alexander, 2008).The advantage of the application compared with other techniques used for data collection is firstly the high accuracy of the data (e.g. the length of pupils' replies), secondly the simplicity (after the training in the theory of the indicators, the measurement can be carried out by everyone) and thirdly smooth processing of the data file for further statistical data processing). The application directly performs most of the calculations based on the theory of dialogical teaching. The application can also be launched on a mobile phone, but a tablet is recommended for accurate and fast data entry. The application does not require a mobile or other data connection, and data can be transferred to another computer when the viewer is within reach of the Wi-Fi network. The application was repeatedly tested and subsequently used in 2017 for extensive and repeated collection of data from more than 40 secondary school classes (about 600 pupils). Czech and English language.
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