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Das Ende Großmährens – Überlegungen zur relativen und absoluten Chronologie des ostmitteleuropäischen Frühmittelalters

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Title in English The Fall of Great Moravia. Reflections on relative and absolute chronology of Early Middle Ages in the East-Central Europe


Year of publication 2018
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Praehistorische Zeitschrift
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Faculty of Arts

Keywords Great Moravia; jewellery; radiocarbon dating; chronology; Pohansko near Břeclav; Early Middle Ages
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Description The Fall of Great Moravia. Reflections on relativeand absolute chronology of Early Middle Ages in theEast-Central Europe. Dating the so-called Great Moravianjewelry and Great Moravian church graveyards is one ofthe crucial tasks of archaeology of the Early Middle Ages.The chronological systems developed based on the richgraves investigated over the past 60 years within theCzech Republic help in dating archaeological finds fromthe 9th to the 10th century all over Europe. This studyaddresses the question of how long the luxury jewelryexisted as part of living culture and until when the earliestchurch graveyards with burials of people clad in thetraditional Great Moravian costume existed in Moravia.The solution to this problem is supported by assessmentsof finds from graves excavated at Pohansko near Břeclavand, most importantly, by radiocarbon dating the applicationof which is still not common in archaeology of theEarly Middle Ages. The result of the present research is afinding that in Great Moravian church graveyards burialscontinued consistently until the mid-10th century, occasionallyprobably even a little longer. People were interredthere wearing the typical Great Moravian costume whichincluded the luxury jewelry as its component. It is a significantcorrection of the previous opinions and a partialreturn to the original dating of Great Moravian materialculture from the 1950s and 1960s.
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