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Toponimni komponenti v nominalnite kolokacii văv frazeologijata na bălgarski, sărbochărvatski i češki ezik

Title in English Toponymic Components in Nominal Collocations in Phraseology of Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian and Czech Languages


Year of publication 2021
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Filologičeski forum
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Keywords Bulgarian phraseology; Serbian/Croatian phraseology; Czech phraseology; contrastive phraseology; toponyms in phraseology
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Description The text presents the onyms, as well as the toponyms like components in Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian and Czech phrasemes. The toponyms are not the most common onyms in the phraseological units, perhaps that is why they remain a bit on the side of research interest (compared to anthroponyms, for example). The phraseological units with a toponymic component, which we collected from the phraseological dictionaries of the above-mentioned languages from a formal point of view are comparisons, syntagms (collocations) and (poly)sentences. Our focus in this article was on nominal collocations and their classification. From the point of view of the syntactic structure, we divided the collected phrasemes into six groups. We collected most examples in groups with syntactic structure Adj + TOP (f.e.: Bulg. tamna Indiya) and Subst + prep + TOP (f.e.: S-Cr. ujak iz Amerike).
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