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Náboženství a tělo. Teoretické perspektivy v diskursu religionistiky

Title in English Religions and the body: theoretical perspectives in the study of religions


Year of publication 2006
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Náboženství a tělo
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Field Philosophy and religion
Keywords body; religions; theoretical perspectives
Description Besides the plurality of our objects of inquiry it is equally crucial in the study of religions to pay attention to the plurality of theoretical and methodological possibilities we make use of when approaching our topics. In this paper my aim is to map the theoretical field in which we speak about the relationship between religions and the body. Firstly, I outline the theoretical and social preconditions of our current interest in understanding the various forms of interrelatedness between religions and the body. Secondly, via interpreting the classical texts of Mary Douglas and Marcel Mauss I demonstrate three theoretical perspectives, which concentrate on the relationship between religion and body in different ways and which could be used in recent study of religions as useful conceptual tools of thinking. More concretely I show the theoretical complementarity of a) the perspective focusing on the religious representations of the body, b) the perspective focusing on the body as representation of religion and c) the perspective focusing on the cultural/religious techniques forming the human body.
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