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Microanalysis of oligodeoxynucleotides by cathodic stripping voltammetry at amalgam-alloy surfaces in the presence of copper ions.


HASOŇ Stanislav VETTERL Vladimír

Year of publication 2006
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Talanta
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Science

Field Electrochemistry
Keywords gold amalgam-alloy electrode; platinum amalgam-alloy electrode; silver amalgam-alloy electrode; copper amalgam-alloy electrode; oligodeoxynucleotides; ODN; purine base residue-copper(I) complex; analysis of microliter volumes of ODN; ODN adsorption
Description The application of gold amalgam-alloy electrode (AuAE) for a sensitive voltammetric detection of different oligodeoxynucleotides (ODNs) containing the purine units within the ODN-chains in the presence of copper is described. The detection of ODNs is based on the following steps: (i)an acidic hydrolysis of the ODN (ahODN) samples performing the release of the purine bases from ODN-chain; (ii)an electrochemical accumulation of the complex of the purine base residues released from ODN-chain with copper ions Cu(I) (ahODN-Cu(I) complex) at the potential of reduction of copper ions Cu(II) on the amalgam-alloy electrode surfaces; (iii) finally followed the cathodic stripping of the electrochemically accumulated ahODN-Cu(I) complex from the electrode surface. The proposed electrochemical method was used for: (a) detection of different ODN lengths containing only adenine units (the number of adenine units within the ODN-chains was changed from 10 to 80), and (b) determination of the number of purine units within the 30-mer ODNs containing a random sequence segments involving both the purine and pyrimidine units.
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