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Carbohydrate CH/pi interactions – Theoretical investigation of the favourable regions in the carbohydrate surroundings

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KOZMON Stanislav MATUŠKA Radek SPIWOK Vojtěch KOČA Jaroslav

Year of publication 2011
Type Conference abstract
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Central European Institute of Technology

Description Molecular recognition of carbohydrates by proteins plays a key role in many biological processes including immune response, pathogen entry into a cell, cell-cell adhesion and so forth. The list of proteins that recognise carbohydrates via aromatic residues include lectins, carbohydrate-binding modules, glycosidases, glycosyl transferases, “greasy slides” of carbohydrate transporters and complimentary sugar-binding sites (“sugar tongs”). Carbohydrates typically interact with aromatic systems in a parallel orientation. In this study we present the first systematic computational three-dimensional scan of carbohydrate hydrophobic patches for the ability to interact via CH/pi dispersion interactions. The carbohydrates b-D-glucopyranose, b-D-mannopyranose and a-L-fucopyranose were studied in a complex with a benzene molecule, which served as a model of the CH/pi interaction in carbohydrate/protein complexes.
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