Plant genome research results help diagnose malignant diseases

Research of plant genome structure and stability has provided CEITEC MU scientists with a great deal of application potential in areas such as agriculture, biotechnology and drug development.

Highly applicable plant research

The evolutionary plant cytogenomics unit at CEITEC MU is a world-renowned centre of national and international cooperation. Plant telomere biology, epigenetics, DNA repair and meiosis contribute to world-class know-how and unique methodological approaches.

Research of the structure and stability of the plant genome carried out at the Mendel Centre for Plant Genomics and Proteomics (part of CEITEC) provides significant application potential in areas such as agriculture, biotechnology and drug development.

Results used in patented procedures

Research on plant genome structure and stability conducted at CEITEC led to the awarding of a patent for a plant biomass regulation procedure. CEITEC researchers have recently filed another patent application, this time for a method designed to regulate plant biomass properties and lignification.

The methods and outcomes of telomere biology studies have previously been used for the diagnosis of malignant diseases in humans. Telomere biology know-how was utilized in successful collaborations with the private sector. Moreover, an analysis of the telomere structure of agricultural plants of the Allium genus (garlic, onion, etc.) facilitated the application of targeted chromosome shortening techniques.

International reputation attracts scientists

High-quality research output generated at CEITEC MU has been published in prestigious international journals such as Plant Cell, Nature Genetics, PNAS, Trends in Plant Science, Cell Reports, Nucleic Acids Research, Plant Journal, New Phytologist, etc. The centre's international reputation, along with state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure, is increasingly attracting foreign scientists already actively involved in research at MU.

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