Scholarships and bursaries

Masaryk University awards the following types of scholarships and bursaries:

  • accomodation grant,
  • Rector’s Scholarship Programme,
  • scholarship for outstanding study results,
  • scholarship for international students,
  • scholarship in support of creative activities,
  • scholarship in support of mobility,
  • scholarship in exceptional cases,
  • scholarship in support of studies in a doctoral degree programme.

Students of Masaryk University may apply for scholarships and bursaries, generally within the framework of scholarship and bursary programmes organized by individual faculties. The MU Scholarship and Bursary Regulations grants individual faculties (and other units at MU) the power to organize scholarship and bursary programmes in order to support students’ study-related activities; such activities must be in agreement with the general objectives of the faculty as well as of Masaryk University as a whole. Faculties and other units specify the criteria for awarding individual scholarships.

For an overview of scholarship and bursary programmes announced by individual faculties, see

Faculty scholarship programmes

Account number

In case a student is interested in applying for a scholarship anywhere at MU, it is essential that he/she provide a functional bank account number so that scholarship payments may be made to that account. The bank account must be kept with banks in the Czech Republic and in the Czech currency. The account number must be entered in the Personal Administration section of the Information System.

Accommodation Grant

Masaryk University students who meet conditions set out in section 8 of the MU Scholarship and Bursary Regulations may be awarded an accommodation grant. The accommodation grant is paid out by MU in two scholarship periods: 1 January to 30 June and 1 July to 31 December.

In order to be eligible for the grant, each student must confirm that he/she meets the required conditions for receiving the accommodation grant (previously conducted in the form of an application submission). Conditions are verified on the basis of national student records; the format and content of required information as well as deadlines for confirming the fulfilment of accommodation grant conditions are stipulated by MU Measure No. 5/2017.

Students must confirm the fulfilment of these conditions electronically via the MU Information system from 1 November to 30 November (autumn semester) and from 15 March to 15 April (spring semester). In case the last day of these periods falls on a Saturday, a Sunday or a holiday, the period in question is extended to the first subsequent workday. Prior to confirming eligibility for the accommodation grant, each student is responsible for checking or updating their permanent residence address in the IS MU.

The decision to award/deny the accommodation grant is delivered to each student via the IS MU following the end of the period for condition fulfilment confirmation; payments are deposited to the given bank account number after the decision comes into the force, i. e. after the 30-day appeal period has expired.

All scholarship payments are made to accounts listed in the IS MU (see above).

The deadline for confirming accommodation grant eligibility cannot be extended and accommodation grant payments cannot be claimed retroactively. The grant also cannot be awarded in part, e.g. in case a student terminates his/her studies during the course of a semester prior to the issuance of a decision awarding the accommodation grant.

In case a student deems that the IS MU has wrongly assessed his/her accommodation grant eligibility, he/she may contact the Office for Studies of the Rector’s Office ( prior to the relevant deadline.

Rector’s scholarship programme

The Rector's Scholarship Programme is stipulated by the MU Measure No. 15/2018. The purpose of the scholarship programme is:

a) support for student activities that go beyond a single faculty, or go beyond the university, and are not confined to one narrow discipline. These activities relate in particular to the development of formal and non-formal education, the promotion of strategic objectives, the development of values and the representation of the university (in sporting, cultural, social, scientific and research fields);

b) support for university students who have decided to engage in socially significant humanitarian activities based on the principle of volunteering and sharing the values advocated by the university. In particular, it is possible to support such forms of activities that are carried out in cooperation with the university’s partners, through reputable humanitarian organisations (e.g. the Red Cross, People in Need, etc.) or charity organisations focused on assistance, legal and social services, counselling or other appropriate activities, focused on those in difficult circumstances, where the student, voluntarily and at his/her own responsibility, carries out these activities;

c) support for academic self-governance at a university-wide level.

The application form for the MU Rector’s scholarship is available in Document Server (Czech only). Applications are submitted through the Information System by uploading the documents into the appropriate section for applications(Czech only)

The applications are processed 3 times a year. In 2021 applications will be collected on March 1, May 14 and October 15.

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