Scholarships and bursaries

Masaryk University awards the following types of scholarships and bursaries:

Students of Masaryk University may apply for scholarships and bursaries, generally within the framework of scholarship and bursary programmes organized by individual faculties. The MU Scholarship and Bursary Regulations grant individual faculties (and other units at MU) the power to organize scholarship and bursary programmes in order to support students’ study-related activities; such activities must be in agreement with the general objectives of the faculty as well as of Masaryk University as a whole. Faculties and other units specify the criteria for awarding individual scholarships.

For an overview of scholarship and bursary programmes announced by individual faculties, see

Faculty scholarship programmes

Account number

In case a student is interested in applying for a scholarship anywhere at MU, it is essential that he/she provide a functional bank account number so that scholarship payments may be made to that account. The bank account must be kept with banks in the Czech Republic and in the Czech currency. The account number must be entered in the Personal Administration section of the Information System.

Grant in support of accommodation

Students of Masaryk University may apply for a grant in support of accommodation (i.e. the accommodation grant). Criteria for awarding the accommodation grant are stipulated by section 8 of the MU Scholarship and Bursary Regulations and are checked against data listed in the national register of students. The accommodation grant is awarded for two periods: 1 January to 30 June and 1 July to 31 December.

Grant applications are to be submitted in electronic form via the MU Information System. Applications must be submitted between 1 and 30 November (fall semester) and between 1 and 30 April (spring semester). If the term falls on Saturday, Sunday or national holiday, the final day of the term is moved onto the next working day. Decisions regarding the acceptance or rejection of such applications are delivered to students via the IS within several days following the submission deadline. Scholarship payments are made after the legally stipulated appeals period (30 days). In case an application is accepted, payment will subsequently be made to a student's account listed in the IS MU (see above).

In case a student fails to apply by the designated deadline, the grant cannot be awarded retroactively. It is also not possible to award a proportional sum of money in case a student’s studies are terminated during the course of a semester prior to the issuing of a decision awarding the accommodation grant.

In accordance with the provisions of section 91, subsection 2, letter d) of the Higher Education Act, the so-called accommodation grant shall be awarded to a student who fulfils all of the following criteria:

  • is enrolled in a full-time degree programme,
  • is enrolled in a degree programme which is his/her first degree programme at any university in the Czech Republic with the exception of being enrolled in his/her first follow-up Master’s degree programme (relevant to graduates of Bachelor’s degree programmes) or his/her first doctoral degree programme (relevant to graduates of Master’s degree programmes); furthermore, studies in degree programmes an applicant may have enrolled in and completed between 1 May and 30 October of one calendar year are not taken into account,
  • has not exceeded the standard length of studies in any of the degree programmes which he/she is concurrently enrolled in,
  • does not have a permanent address within the Statutory City of Brno (Brno City district).

If the student believes that his/her claim for the grant in support of accommodation has been judged wrongly, he/she can refer to the Office for studies of Rector´s office ( by the designated deadline.


Masaryk University also implements a bursary programme for students in difficult social conditions. Criteria for granting a bursary are stipulated by section 91, subsection 3 of the Higher Education Act and the relevant provision made by the Rector.

A monthly scholarship sum is equivalent to one quarter of the basic minimum monthly wage rate rounded up to the nearest 10 CZK. Students must apply for the bursary in electronic form via the MU Information System between 1 and 20 November. An essential part of the application is a written statement (Sdělení pro účely přiznání stipendia, i.e. bursary allocation statement). This document includes a statement by the relevant state social assistance authority certifying that the student has for a certain period of time (generally from October to February or e.g. from October to August) been eligible for child allowance and that family income in the preceding year did not exceed 1.50 of the family’s subsistence minimums. In order to be eligible for a bursary, a student must likewise not exceed the standard length of studies.

The bursary is paid out on a monthly basis between 1 October and 31 July, although the first payment is generally made in December and covers the current month as well as payments for October and November. Further payments follow at the end of each subsequent month.

Student may apply for a bursary retroactively, provided they do so at the Office for Studies of the Rector’s Office. The bursary allocation statement is valid for 21 months following the end of the year for which the family income was calculated.


  • The bursary may be granted only to students receiving child allowance in the Czech Republic.
  • The standard length of studies is generally 3 years for Bachelor’s degree programmes, 5 years for Master’s degree programmes, 2 years for follow-up Master’s degree programmes and 4 or 3 years for doctoral degree programmes.
  • All previous study periods terminated otherwise than in due form are added to the standard length of studies (e.g. in case a student had spent 7 months in his/her first Bachelor’s degree programme and has subsequently spent another 2 years and 6 months in his/her second Bachelor’s degree programme, such a student thus exceeds the standard length of studies by 1 month).
  • In case the IS indicates that a bursary application cannot be submitted due to a student’s exceeding the standard length of studies on a given date, it is still possible to apply prior to the date indicated (e.g. in case the IS indicates that an application cannot be submitted due to a student’s exceeding the standard length of studies on 15 July, he/she may still apply by 14 July).

Bursary application submission (1 to 20 November):

  • Students are required to send a duplicate or certified copy of the bursary allocation statement to Žerotínovo nám. 9, 601 77 Brno, clearly labelling the envelope “Sociální stipendium” (bursary). The UČO (student identification number) and telephone number must be listed in the document itself.
  • An electronic application must be simultaneously submitted in the MU Information System at This website also provides information on whether or not an application has been accepted.

The grant in support of accommodation and bursary are administrated by the Office for Studies of the Rector’s Office.

Scholarship programme in support of humanitarian activities

The Rector's Scholarship Programme in Support of Humanitarian Activities Implemented by MU Students is established as per Rector's Provision No. 8/2015. The purpose of this scholarship programme is the granting of special-purpose scholarships in accordance with section 91, subsection 2, letter e) of the Higher Education Act by Masaryk University (hereinafter referred to as “MU”). The scholarship programme is designed to support MU students who have chosen to engage in voluntary humanitarian activities of society-wide significance, thus demonstrating their affiliation with values espoused by MU.

Supported activities include especially such activities which are performed in cooperation with MU partners or through reputable humanitarian organizations (e.g. the Red Cross, People in Need, etc.) or charities dedicated to providing aid, legal and social services, counselling or other useful activities designed to help persons in difficult circumstances, carried out by the student voluntarily, with no claim to payment of any kind and on their own responsibility. Supported activities may also include activities carried out within the framework of degree programmes, including e.g. internships or placements in the above mentioned organizations.

A scholarship application form for the MU Rector's Scholarship Programme is available for download on the Document Server.

Applications including a substantiated claim and records documenting expenses must be submitted through the MU Information System, namely using the appropriate section of the Documents application. The applicant is simultaneously required to send their application to the vice-rector for student welfare (

Rector’s scholarship programme

The Rector's Scholarship Programme is stipulated by the Rector's Provision 8/2012(Czech only). The purpose of the scholarship programme is for Masaryk University (hereafter "MU") to award scholarships in cases deserving special consideration in accordance with section 91, subsection 2, letter e) of the Higher Education Act pursuant to section 91 subsection 5 of the Higher Education Act. The purpose of the scholarship programme is to support inter-faculty or inter-university student activities. These activities are linked in particular to the development of formal and informal education, supporting the development of strategic objectives and the development of the values of MU and the representation of the university (socially, culturally, and in the areas of sport and scientific research).

The application form for the MU Rector’s scholarship is available in Document Server. (Czech only)

Applications are submitted through the Information System by uploading the documents into the appropriate section for applications. (Czech only)

The applications are processed 4 times a year, and students are informed about the start of the process on the MU notice board in IS.

Applications will be collected in 2017 on February 28, May 31 and October 16.

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