Ancient Greek Language and Literature

Follow-up Master's degree in full-time form. The language of instruction is Czech.

The programme can be studied as a single subject or in combination with another programme.

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Admission to Master's degree programmes in 2024/2025 (beginning: Autumn 2024)
Submission deadline until midnight 30 April 2024.

What will you learn?

The master’s degree study focuses on deepening the knowledge and linguistic competences gained in the Bachelor study programme. Moreover, the knowledge is broadened with the complete development of Greek language, Greek dialects, and literature (as well as history and culture, in general) in the periods following Hellenistic era. Reading of Greek texts focuses on the territories outside Attica and on the texts of pre-Classical and post-Classical periods. Their understanding is possible only on the grounds of the detailed knowledge of phonological and morphological development of Greek language in its whole extent. The knowledge of the development of Modern Greek crowns complex understanding of language in its whole history. Students specialise according to their own choices of optional courses in the following areas: diachronic linguistics, history of literature, and ancient history.

“To the roots of our civilization.”

Career opportunities

Graduates are qualified to work as teachers at secondary schools and some universities. Thanks to the deep knowledge of ancient culture, history and literature, they may work in humanities-oriented departments of the Czech Academy of Sciences, archives, libraries, museums, bookshops, travel agencies, and, possibly, in diplomacy. By virtue of the focus on the handling of language, the graduates are also prepared for various editorial jobs in media (in culture- and literature-oriented sections, in particular) and in the publishing houses. Besides jobs in the field of study (scholarly and research activities, translation), the graduates assert themselves in all the professions requiring the ability of independent and critical thinking and excellent mother tongue language skills.

Admission requirements

Deadline for submitting applications: January 1 - April 30

Who the programme is intended for: The programme is intended for graduates of any Bachelor’s degree programme.

Subject matter of the entrance examination: The entrance examination has a written and an oral part. The interview focuses on the study motivation of the applicant and general knowledge about the field. The interview takes about 15 minutes.

Waiver of the entrance examination: The entrance examination can be waived for applicants who have passed the Bachelor’s examination in the field/programme of Ancient Greek Language and Literature at the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University with an excellent (A), very good (B), or good (C) result. Applicants can ask for a waiver for the entrance examination via the e-application form, section "Application for waiver of the entrance examination".

Website Department of Classical Studies.

General information on the course of the admission procedure to the follow-up Master’s degree programmes at FA MU can be found here. Documents for the current admission procedure are kept in Materials for Applicants.

Criteria for evaluation

Pass/fail line of the entrance examination: 60 points (out of 100).

Minimum score and numbers of accepted applicants in past years


1 Jan – 30 Apr 2024

Submit your application during this period

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Study options

Single-subject studies

Students have a pre-defined list of required courses, which are supplemented with selective and elective courses. The student pays full attention to the single field of study chosen.

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Combined studies

Combinations with programmes from Faculty of Arts

Combinations with programmes from Faculty of Economics and Administration

Ancient Greek Language and Literature as a minor degree programme

Combinations with programmes from Faculty of Arts
Combinations with programmes from Faculty of Economics and Administration

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Courses – curriculum examples

An example of your study plan:

Single-subject studies

Combined studies

Combinations with programmes from Faculty of Arts

Combinations with programmes from Faculty of Economics and Administration

Follow-up studies

After completion of the master’s degree study programme, graduates can further continue with PhD studies in Classical Philology, provided they meet the admission requirements.

Study information

Provided by Faculty of Arts
Type of studies Follow-up master's
Mode full-time Yes
combined No
distance No
Study options single-subject studies Yes
single-subject studies with specialization No
major/minor studies Yes
Standard length of studies 2 years
Language of instruction Czech

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