University measures taken regarding the spread of COVID-19

  • Operation of Masaryk University follows a university traffic-light system, whose rating is determined by the MU Crisis Board, taking into account the governmental traffic-light for the Brno-City district.
  • The university traffic-light system is currently YELLOW. MU faculties, and institutes may declare a higher level of alert.
  • As of 18 September, facemasks are mandatory even in classes.
  • Masaryk University has limited in-person teaching and other study activities to a maximum of 50 people
  • Students must immediately report if they have tested positive for COVID-19 or been required to go into quarantine
  • People with symptoms of an infectious viral disease are prohibited from entering MU buildings (shortness of breath, fever, dry cough, sudden loss of taste and smell).
  • See also current restrictions in the Czech Republic here and details on entering the country for students and employees.


Volunteering and demand for help


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Important information

On 2 September a traffic-light rating system was introduced at MU. The university currently has a “yellow light” rating, determined by the MU Crisis Board, taking into account the traffic-light for the Brno-City district. University faculties, institutes, and offices may declare a higher alert level than the university-wide level or introduce stricter rules than elsewhere at the university. Follow the websites of individual faculties and the colour-coded signs hanging on the exteriors of MU buildings.

MUNI helps! Help with us or ask for help 

On the initiative of Rector Martin Bares, Masaryk University created a volunteer network. With thousands of volunteers applying, we can now offer assistance in many activities and fields.

See MUNI helps webpage

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