University measures taken regarding the spread of COVID-19

  • The MU Crisis Board recommends mass lectures for more than 100 students to be organized in distance mode everywhere it is possible without significant loss of teaching quality.
  • The exam period is from 18 May to 30 September. MU Crisis Board recommends to hold a maximum of examinations in distance form.
  • See Rector’s special rules for study in the spring semester
  • Foreigners may enter the country, please see details in sections for students and employees. See also current restrictions in the Czech Republic.


Volunteering and demand for help


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Important information

MUNI helps! Help with us or ask for help 

On the initiative of Rector Martin Bares, Masaryk University created a volunteer network. With thousands of volunteers applying, we can now offer assistance in many activities and fields.

See MUNI helps webpage

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