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Apoptosis-inducing factor (AIF): its translocation from mitochondria and its action on nuclear chromatin

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9/2003 - 8/2006
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Informatics
Apoptosis, AIF, Chromatin, Chromosomal territories, Cytochrome c, Nuclear architecture

Apoptosis is an important physiological process, that represents a natural way of the cell death. During the permeabilization of mitochondrial
membrane in apoptosis, the outer mitochondrial membrane becomes soluble to proteins including cytochrome c and apoptosis-inducing factor, AIF. After a stimulation of apoptosis, AIF ranslocates into the cytoplasm and then into the cell nucleus, where it causes the chromatine condensation and large (-50 kbp) DNA fragmentation. The consequences of AIF action on the structure of cell nucleus and on the structure of chromosomal territories are still unknown. Our innovative experiments should lead to new results further defining AIF action in cell nucleus. We will also study the mechanism of translocation of AIF and cytochrome c from mitochondria and connection of this mechanism with changes in mitochondrial membrane potential during apoptosis.



Total number of publications: 8

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