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Structure-function relationship of elicitors from Phytophthora spp.

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1/2006 - 12/2008
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Science
plant protection, elicitor, Phytophthora, elicitin

Elicitins are a family of 10 kDa protein elicitors with high degree of homology excreted by all Phytophthora spp. that is the best-studied genus of Oomycetes.
One of the general accepted concepts admits that these elicitors are recognized by specific receptors and this primary interaction triggers defense reaction.Our previous results show that elicitins trigger two signal pathways in tobacco cells: the first one induces oxidative burst and the second one the expression of defense genes. We proposed and synthesized several mutated proteins with altered abilities to bind sterols and fatty acids and with altered abilities to stimulate these pathways. The aim this projet is the elucidation of the role and origine of the receptor. We will study individual signal components: cation a calcium channels, synthesis of phytoalexins, protecting activity of mutated proteins and changes of the proteom of the elicited tobacco cells. The results will enable the synthesis of the elicitors with directed properties. They will contribute to the developing new methods of plant protection without the use of pesticides.


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