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Modernity in Questions. The Contemporary French Novel Production versa the Myth of Modernity

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1/2006 - 12/2008
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Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
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Faculty of Arts
Contemporary French Novel, story, modernity, narration, modern literature, modern history, modern man, Nouveau Roman, narrator, author, reader, Barthes, Toussaint,Darrieussecq, NDiaye, Guibert, Deville, Chevillard, Renaud Camus, Viel, Rambaud

Although some critics criticize the contemporary French post-nouveau-roman production for its lightness, or use the term of minimalism to characterise it, it shows signs of renewal, both from the point of the narrative strategies, and in the thematic domain. While in the former case, one can speak about playfulness which seizes the narrative ingenuity derived from the modernist inventions, questions asked by the today´s people facing the modern world predominate in the second domain. The research will be structured around two principal axes: narratologic and thematic. The former will aim at finding out how the aesthetics of the present-day novel negotiates the modernist innovations and how it utilizes them to convey a message. The thematic part focuses on how the individual aspects of modernity are viewed. Most emphasis will be put on how the contemporary novelistic production deals with some of the achievements and products of modern mankind, modern society and modern history.


Total number of publications: 46

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